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by fazillah Ruseli - Friday, 20 March 2020, 10:49 AM

Dear All Students,




a. Absence from Final Examination January 2020


Kindly take note that students who are unable to attend the Final Examination (January 2020) semester due to illness or any unavoidable circumstances are required to notify Exam Department in writing or by e-mail to The notice must be submitted and MUST reach us not later than 25 March 2020. Students who failed to do so will be given zero marks for Final Examination for absence without reasons.


b.  Application for Special Examination


The Special Examination for January 2020 will be scheduled on 11th- 12th  April 2020 (Saturday and Sunday). The following cases are eligible to apply for the Special Examination:


1. Health related or emergency circumstances which are permissible by the University;

2. Student was under Financially barred status in January 2020 Semester;

3. A student who failed a course (with grade U, E or F) - Students who are eligible for the Special Examination under  6.2.1 (c) will have their highest grade for the course capped at "C". (Refer to Academic Regulations)


Students MUST apply for the Special Examination by filling up the special examination application form, attached with the relevant supporting documents and emailed to


For students at Regional Centre/Learning Centres, you are required to submit the application to the respective Academic Coordinator at the respective centres. 


All applications MUST reach us as per following deadline:

- Application received after the deadline will not be entertained.
- All applications are subjected to the approval by the faculty.
For case 1 & 2, students will be charged RM100 for one course if the application approved by the faculty.

For case 3, students will be charged RM100 for one course.

- Students who failed to meet the deadline will not be allowed to sit for the Special Examination.


c. Special Examination Date


The Special Exam for January 2020 tentatively has be scheduled on 11th – 12th April 2020 (Saturday - Sunday).  The details of the schedule will be announced tentatively Five (5) days earlier on 6th April 2020 (Monday)


The schedule is as per planned and subject to change based on the current situation of Covid-19 and as per advised by the highest authority on Covid-19.


Payment of RM100 (per course) must be made latest by Wednesday, 8th April 2020.


Students are strongly advised to regularly check on the announcement of Special Exam schedule that will be posted in our official email Office 365 and UNIEC VIRTUAL.


We appreciate students to adhere to the above guideline. Should you have any inquiry pertaining to the above matter, kindly e-mail us at

Thank you and have a nice day.


Exam Unit

UNITAR International University